at the time of writing, i cant be fucked with full sentences, so here is some bullet points:

1. new songs and shizz.

2. got bored so gave myself challenge: make 8bit style song in all the major keys (excluding sharps)

3. nearly near the 2000 view mark on soundcloud (big fucking achievement)

4.enabled hax

5. there is no number 5

6. fucking have the colour scheme of this page. light blue not my thing. might change it

7.ever heard this song?

Xmas Time

ah its nearly the end of the world, fuckin’ Mayans….

anyways, i have been doing this music thang for nearly 2 years now (i got my first synth on my 16th birthday) so i can safely say, I’ve not done a lot in that time. I’ve made, like, 6 songs that i’m actually proud of (see my soundcould) but i think i know more about music then a mossy pebble, so thats good.

but its getting to a point where its starting to sound reasonably good, i know most of FL studio like the back of my hand and i think its time to release something for everyone (im not saying your gonna enjoy it, cause meh)

so, im gonna release my first EP early next year. Woop Woop!

its gonna be free, end transmission


not much going on atm. school is being a bitch. new track though

bit late seeing as Halloween was ages ago, but whatever

2 songs in a weekend

huh…. how the fuck did that happen?

Its dangerous to go alone! take this!

so I just uploaded a new track on soundcloud and it represents my dive into a sea of unknowing. for the past 2 years i have been fucking around with electronic equipment, learning and experimenting as i go along, but now is when this shit is getting real. Allow me to break these up:

1: more activity on social networks and the such

2. less songs with better production value

3. trying to get actual gigs

4. the biggest thing i want to do: release my first EP. nothing major, just 4 or 5 original tracks (as in, not already on my soundcloud). getting my name out there and the likes. 

this is what i want to achieve in the next 6 months. I think i can manage that, dont you think?

6th form and depression

well, its that time of year again when the teens of the country return to school for annother year of useless facts for later life. but at least its in good company.

so this year i start 6th form (again), and the school im at is bitchin’. more on that later.

on an unrelated note, depression is depressing. this seems a contradicting statement. but being depressed makes me more depressed for being depressed. depressed-eption. so i gotta battle my mind. fun shit. but hey, i’ve got you guys, right. right?

oh and i am making music still. and yeah i dont update this often enough. so lets say some swear words:

fuck shit wanker 

didn’t like the version i put up yesterday. here is a better version.

so to prove im not dead. i made this. bitchin’


since this blog has died faster then previously thought, I’ve come to the amazing conclusion that i need to write more stuff….


what can i say? im not gonna lie, theres not much going on atm. i really need to knuckle down and DO something with my music gear, though recently i have been working on my DJ skills (Post below this one, and i never said i was any good, im working on it).

Tracks Will Be Written…Soon… Promise.

mix made for matt rix’s birthday

Mix i made for Zoe’s birthday

Native Instruments

so N-I were having a promotion. yes please!

if your trying to procrastinate on the internet, have a listen to this to ease the boredom. x

dont have an excuse to be bored now

dont have an excuse to be bored now

coming in your ears for 2 hours

cause i have the voice of an angel who lived in the countryside for the first 17 years of my life and was brutally raped by my step-dad, you can now hear me on the internet radioz on saturday mornings. “Why?” you may ask: well the simple answer is “potatoes”

saturday mornings at 10am @

i’d miss it for the world! 

btw my name is Alex: so you know which one i am.